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Protecting Andy Warhol From Flood, Fire and Quake
People commonly pay insurance companies to secure their property against loss or damage. But for the affluent, insurance companies sometimes take matters into their own hands. Believing that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, some insurers will send in specialists to prepare a home for disaster, for instance, while others will pay to move valuables out of harm’s way.

As Trump Pushes for Tax Overhaul, Wealth Advisers Say, ‘Wait and See’
Because changes are expected for business, income and so-called transfer taxes — those levied on estates and gifts — the lack of details has wealth advisers urging caution to clients asking the most natural of questions: What does this mean for me?

Parents With Lots of Stuff, and Children Who Don’t Want It
Mothers and daughters talk about all kinds of things. But there is one conversation Susan Beauregard, 49, of Hampton, Conn., is reluctant to have with her 89-year-old mother, Anita Shear: What to do — eventually — with Mrs. Shear’s beloved set of Lenox china? Ms. Beauregard said she never uses her own fine china, which she received as a wedding gift long ago. “I feel obligated to take my mom’s Lenox, but it’s just going to sit in the cupboard next to my stuff,” she said.

Books on Aging and Elder Care
These books are all in their own way utterly essential reading. Few of us are prepared for the financial and emotional complexities of managing the last several years of our lives. But as we live longer, drain what may prove to be inadequate retirement savings and lean harder on already strained government programs, we’ll probably find ourselves facing ever more challenging questions and unfortunate compromises.

How to Make the Family Business Work Across the Generations
Yuta Suzuki was studying finance with the goal of becoming an investment banker. Then his father called. “He came to me with a serious face and said, ‘I heard you’re good at math,’” Mr. Suzuki, 37, said. “We have a small problem. We need your help.” His father, Toshio Suzuki, was the chef and co-owner of the restaurant Sushi Zen, which had been a Midtown Manhattan institution for more than 30 years. And his problem wasn’t so small. “When I looked at the books it wasn’t healthy,” his son said.

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