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How to Plan Finances to Raise a Special-Needs Chil
Most parents are going to need help navigating the benefits that their special-needs children receive, including funding for physical and occupational therapy, reimbursements for specially tailored schools and government assistance when the children become adults.

Meet the People Trying to Put a Friendlier Face on Annuities
Saving for retirement requires a strange sort of oddsmaking. On one hand, we’re somehow supposed to know what returns to expect from investments in our retirement accounts over the next 25 or 50 years. And on the other, we must apply our prediction skills to related questions about how long we’ll want to work, how long we’ll be able to work, how long anyone will be willing to pay us to work and how long we’ll live.

This Type of Illiteracy Could Hurt You
More than half of older Americans lack the skills to gather and understand medical information. Providers must simplify, researchers say.

The Cost of Supporting Parents and Adult Children
More Americans are being squeezed by the burden of caring for two generations—just when they thought they could kick back

Should You Get a Divorce Now or Later?
Several key changes in the law may determine whether it is better to complete or update a divorce agreement by Dec. 31 or wait until the new year. One of the biggest changes affects alimony, which will not be a tax break for Americans whose divorce agreements are completed or updated after this year. The new tax law is also causing parting spouses to look more closely at benefits for their children and the values of privately owned businesses and partnerships.

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